Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sucking it in Saturday - Week 19

I had a rough week last week and the last few weeks, I started saying no more excuses and then I let shit get to me and I screwed up again!  Then last weekend rolled around and I just got fed up!  Fed up with my weight, fed up with the weight gain, fed up with my screwing up all the damn time!  So I started fresh on Monday, then Tuesday I screwed up again (because I got a bit upset and depressed and let food comfort me).  But I got back at it on Wednesday and here I am today... Feeling better, feeling refreshed and sticking with it! Bound and determined to loose this effing weight!

Starting Weight: 202.2 (1/1/11)
Current Weight: 176.2
Total Lost: 26lbs!!

Starting Measurements: (1/1/11)
Waist: 42.5
Hips: 45.5

Waist: 37
Hips: 40.5
Total Lost: 5.5in in waist, 5in in hip

Yeah you read that right I finally hit my 25lbs lost mark!!! I was so happy to see that this morning, I couldn't believe it! I've struggled this week I really have, its been hard to stay away from food.
My biggest issue I must learn to conquer is to stop letting food be my comfort, I need to learn that when stress or depression get me down to stay away from food because that is were I continue to sabotage myself.    I know that the inches aren't melting off like they were before, and while it kinda sucks I understand.  At the moment I am not doing the 30 day shred nor am I doing Fit Yummy Mummy, right now I am doing Abs of Steel.   Once I get some more weight off I will go back to one or both, but for now they are both just to hard on my knees.  You know its kinda funny if you think about it, when you first start trying to loose weight and the weight is not coming off but the inches are you get upset because the  weight is not coming off fast enough, then when you get to the point were the inches aren't coming off but the weight is you get upset because your not loosing any inches.  Go figure, I guess we (okay I mean I) can never be happy I am always whining, bitching or bickering about something ain't I?  I guess that is another thing I will have to learn to take care of huh?  This is suppose to be a New Year a New Me right?  So if that means a complete overhaul of myself then so be it.
I have no progress pictures this week because well I think its best I wait till I have more of a change in inches because really the new progress picture would look a bit like the last one in my opinion. 
Im happy were things are going and hoping that they continue in this direction, I hope that I keep up the progress, and don't give into the temptations of food again. 

I hope that you all are making progress and have found something that is working for you!  It can be hard (I for sure know that) but you can do it.  You just have to keep at it even if you slip.

Have an Oh So Wonderful Day!

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