Wednesday, May 18, 2011


This may be a TMI post, but don't worry I don't get into to much detail. 

The other day I posted that I had taken #3 into the ER for an ear infection on Sunday night, it was a late night for us because of this, I was so happy with the though of going to bed early on Monday night.  But things didn't turn out the way I wanted them to... as bed time drew closer I started feeling the need to pee more often then the pain began.  I'd pee, it hurt and then instant relief then the next thing I knew I was in pain again and felt the urge to pee again, I knew what was going on I was getting a urinary tract infection, and it didn't feel good (one bit).  I started drinking more water hoping to fill my bladder and ease the pain.  Nope not gonna happen!  Finally I couldn't take the pain anymore and took myself into the ER, they ran their test and sure enough I had a UTI and a pretty bad one at that (how in the world it got that bad that quick I have no clue), but thankfully they gave me antibiotics and pain meds to help.  Oh Thank You for the pain meds!! Because I don't think I could have slept that night without them.  But unfortunately I still didn't get home till after 1am!  There was no way I was going to be able to nap Tuesday either since I had to take Carly to the doctors for her 9 month check up and then Kara to have her ears checked because her ear drum ruptured and was bleeding, then we had to go get groceries.  So yeah it was a bit of a busy one for me.  Until this UTI is gone I am kinda off my diet, I'm still watching what I eat for the most part and exercising but did you know that cranberry juice has 120 calories per 8oz?  Yeah totally and I have to drink a lot of it according to the doctors.  The nurse said I need to drink A LOT of water, cranberry juice and frozen lemonade.  She informed me that I needed to drink so much that I should be floating!  That's a lot to drink! Especially when you are not really even thirsty, I'm thankful for Trop 50 because they have lemonade, and lemonade makes me even more thirsty so that helps a little.  I'm so glad that the meds started working fast though!
On another note have you ever heard of Pinterest?  Well if you haven't once your done reading this you should go and check it out and become addicted, as I and many (MANY) others have.  Well my very first time I checked it out I seen something very interesting, ice cream bread, yeah I know sounds weird doesn't it, well click here  for the recipe and then go pick out your favorite ice cream and try it!  Because its the easiest recipe EVER!!  I decided yesterday to try it. I picked out two ice creams Edy's French Silk (which by the way is very good ice cream!!) and Thin Mint.

This is the Thin Mint Ice Cream Bread

  Well the French Silk ice cream bread went over well with my family and they finished it off pretty quickly.  The Thin Mint is pretty good but taste better with a little bit of butter on it.  Defiantly something very easy to try and good.

On to another subject - Yeah I am being totally random today ain't I?  We get to look at a house today! A house that we have been trying to look at for a week now! We've finally found a realtor that is willing to help us and not ignore us, seriously I'm not even joking this is the like 6th realtor we've spoken to and she is really nice and knows what we've been going through with other Realtors and is being very helpful! Hopefully I won't stress about it anymore, I know that looking for a new house is stressful but seriously Realtors shouldn't make it more stressful on you.  Everyone that we've spoken to before now, says they would show us the house and then we never heard from them again! Seriously no joke I still haven't heard back from any of them!  I'm just glad that we finally get to see this house, I know that this may not (and probably isn't) "the House" but a girl can hope right?  Its just so hard finding the right house at the right price you know?   I just hope this process doesn't take us forever! 

Well I guess that is enough randomness and rambling for the day...

Have an Oh So Wonderful Day!

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