Monday, May 23, 2011


My 7 year old was yelling that alot this weekend....
So this weekend was some what busy.  The weather was great, and the kids had a wonderful time outside.  Our subdivision had a sub wide garage sale this weekend.  Devin decided to she wanted to have a lemonade stand, since she was unable to have one last year.  We set it up on Friday when she got home from school, then Saturday we set it up again.  She made a good amount of money since she was selling it for .25 cents a glass.  She got bored pretty quickly though seeing as she didn't have constant business, she kept asking to close it up early.  If she went even 5 minutes without a customer she would get super upset and think no one would ever come to buy lemonade.  She would get so upset if people just passed by her, I felt bad because there were some people that did basically just snub her off, which seriously come on do you really think you need to be rude to a 7 year old?  There were actually people, a few kids and a few adults that actually laughed at her because she was having a lemonade stand, the worst one of all was the girl who jipped Devin out of money, yeah I mean it she was selling lemonade for .25 cents and some one gave her .15 cents! Seriously your gonna jip a 7 year old for a glass of lemonade!! What the heck is wrong with people?  I was so irriated with all that, I felt bad for Devin, thankfully most of it she didnt realize it was happening.

Have an Oh So Wonderful Day!

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