Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sucking it in Saturday - Week 20

Wow 20 weeks already?  Unfortunately I don't have any progress to report this week :(

I ended up with a very bad UTI this week and it caused me to go off diet, mainly because cranberry juice is 120 calories for 8 oz!!  So I gained 2lbs, ugh just when I thought I was doing so well I go and screw up again!  I am still doing Abs of Steel right now and guess what I just ordered? Zumba!! I've been wanting to try it out, well me and my mom were watching the infomercial the other day and I couldn't resist ordering it.  My neighbor said the snap fitness by us offers 1 free class to try it out but I've already ordered the dvd to I don't know if I will try the free class or not.  I know what your thinking geeze she jumps all over the place with exercising.  Yeah I do seriously, I told you I get bored fast.  The 12 week transformation was great, but at the end I was ready to try something else.  Like I have said before I may got back to it you never know.  The 30 day shred was great as well but the problem I had was my knees hurting to much on it.  The abs of steel are working so far (I think, its hard to tell when you have so much fat hiding in front of your muscles), But I know Zumba will work out everything not just abs.  I know, I know I need to find a exercise and just stick with it don't I?  But hey think about it this way ya'll are getting reviews on exercises you may want to try right?  So there I am helping us all out. :)

I just wish I had some good news to report this week and I am totally bummed that I don't.  I'm back on track today, yep I'm not waiting till Monday, I am back today and ready.  I already did two sessions of Abs of Steel.  I just have to control my hunger again it defiantly gets the best of me a lot!  I'll get to my goal I know I can I am just struggling right now to get there, I guess the first 20 lbs was easy (sorta haha) but now I struggle... which give me even less time to get to my goal weight.   But I gotta do what I gotta do...

Have an Oh So Wonderful Day!

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Anonymous said...

I know I'm sort of hitting a wall now too. I've lost most of the weight I wanted to, but these last 3 lbs are the hardest!! I don't think it's bad that you switch up your workouts, honestly, whatever works for you! I do Jillian Michaels' Ripped in 30 one day, the next day I run, the next day I do her DVD or the 10 Minute Trainer DVD or pilates or whatever I want. That way I don't get bored and when someone says I have to do one thing one day, I know that I won't stick to it. I have found that week 3 in Ripped in 30 really, really hurts my knees and I've only done that week twice and I am not doing it anymore!!
Remember, you are not alone in this journey!! Keep up the good work!!