Wednesday, June 8, 2011

2011 Golden Douche Bag Award...

I'm not going to be nice here, but then again if I was trying to be nice then I wouldn't be giving out this award would I? 
Lets first be clear, drinking is fine (in moderation) but when you are drinking so much to the point were you think you have to hide your alcohol, then you've problems!  Being on the computer is fine, playing games are fine but when you let your computer life take over your real life then you've got problems!  And when you let your alcohol and computer life come first before your child and her mother then you have major problems!!

Last November I gave away the very first Douche Bag Award you can see that here.  This years award goes to a man (or more like a boy) who puts his computer and alcohol before his girlfreind and thier child.  This man has been given many chances to change his life style, and many of us had high hopes for him when their first child was born 4 months ago.  But sadly he did not change only getting worse a neglecting not only his relationship but also his child.  He's gone as far as to refuse to let his girlfreind use the car to go to the store to get formula and while she walked there, he was suppose to be watching the baby.  He left the baby at home by herself in her crib with the door unlocked so that he could go to a freinds house to get drunk!! What kind of father does that??  He wouldn't allow his girlfreind to use the car and used the money that was suppose to go to her cellular phone bill to buy alcohol.  Leaving her and thier child at home with no car and no phone in case of emergencies. She finally had enough, it was time to leave.  You would figure someone would who is about to loose their family would fight a little more for his family.  But he did not put up any kind of fight at all!
The final day of thier departure (when they got all of thier things out of the home) He came home (after he said he would not, so that they could get the rest of thier things out),  He tried so hard to upset his ex, tried to keep her from getting her things out of his car, not because he thought she was going to take any thing of his but because instead of worring about loosing his child he went out and bought alcohol  to get drunk and borrowed a freinds computer, so he would not miss anything on with his computer life!  When he came home not once did he acknowledge that his child was there.  He only acknowledged her after her mother mentioned that he ignored her since he got home, and only then did he care to give her any type of attention.  Thankfully the child is to young to know what is going on.  I hate to see things like this happen to a family, but in the long run it will be better for mother and child. 
So yes the 2011 Douche Bag Award goes to the dead beat father who could give a shit less about his child and would prefer to spend all his time with the computer and alcohol!

The Golden Douche Bag Award! 
Congratulations Your a Golden Douche!!

Have an Oh So Wonderful Day!

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