Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Do I have to?!

This won't be a long post, as I am just way to tired to think to clearly at this moment in time...  A storm is brewing over head and the movie 2012 is playing on the television.  My eye lids are getting weaker, but I just feel I owe you all a post as to not leave you hanging so long...

We found another home to look and I really like this house (or at least the pictures of it) and I can't wait till we go look at it.  As long as things are good I think this may be the one and I am so excited about that!  Its perfect.  The colors in the house are already great and I don't think there will be much painting going on, because the living room, family room, kitchen and dining room are all painted so beautifully already!! I hope it looks as good in person as the pictures show!

I was looking at a few sales adds today at my grandmas house, because for some reason we dont get any of the good ones at our house (either that or I'm not looking good enough).  But I found so many things I like for the new house once we get it (if we get it).  I was also looking at some magizines today, I am so getting tired of looking at magizines right now.  My grandma got me a subscription to redbook and to parents magizine and I have held on to most of them, right now you are probably thinking omg shes a hoarder.  I guess in a way I kinda sorta am.  I don't keep them forever.  I go through my magizines, rip out any good articles that I think I may want to read later or products I really want to try and I save those instead of the entire magazine.  Well its been a while since I have done this so I have a HUGE stack of magazines to go through right now and I am pretty much getting bored and tired of doing so.  Oh and not to worry those that are crunchy because I know magazines kill so many trees I am recycling all my magazines along with any unused avon books and such. 

Well that is my quick little post

Have an Oh So Wonderful Night!

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