Thursday, July 21, 2011

Banishing the Binky!

The first 10 minutes were fine, until her sisters began there bed time stalling tactics.. You know the usual " my belly hurts", " I have to pee", yeah that kind of stuff.  That's when it got bad, that's when the request for the binky began.  I defiantly knew that its was gonna be hard, especially with Kara and the attachment that she has to that stinking thing!  Well that and #1 & #2 were extremely attached to it.  But today I thought maybe it might be slightly different.  I bet your wondering why (how)? Well we were shopping at the grocery store today and Kara was sitting in the shopping cart with her binky in her mouth (while I was trying to push the cart and caring Carly).  A women that works at the grocery store walked up to us and began talking to Kara.  She told Kara that she was a big girl and didn't need her binky anymore.  She told Kara to take it out of her mouth (which she did) and then she told Kara to give it to me (which she did again).  She continued to "lecture" Kara for around 5 minutes about how she is a big girl and a big sister and she shouldn't have a binky any more and she should only have sippy cups.  As soon as she walked away, Kara immediately asked for her binky but I didn't give it to her, I put it in my purse and continued on shopping.  Eventually we made it to the baby isle, Kara seen some sippys and made a request for a knew one.  I told her that if I got her new sippy cups for her that she had to get rid of her binkies. 

When she first went to bed things seemed to be alright, she of course asked for her binky but I gave her, her new sippy cup filled with water and told her "remember you said no more binkys if I bought you the sippy cup", she wimpered but layed down.  I think the night would have gone much better if her older sisters weren't playing in the bed and keeping her from falling asleep.  Then she kept hurting herself (again probably because her sisters were playing instead of going to sleep.  By the 3rd time that Kara hurt herself the older 2 decided they were going to go into the top bunk to leave Kara alone.  Kara was out in less then 10 minutes!  We have very few meltdowns for the binky that night.  Not that we didnt have any because we did but thankfully they where few and they were minor. 

So I think I can say that night number 1 without the binky was a success!!
I just hope we have good luck with night number 2....

Have an Oh So Wonderful Day!!

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