Friday, July 22, 2011

Banning the Binky! Day 2

So the first whole day without the bink went resonably well.  She did ask for it first thing in the morning and a few other times during the day.  I went shopping with the oldest girlie, and when I got home she had a bink in her mouth!  I flipped out, took it from her and told her no more bink.  I asked were she got it but no one knew, How the heck did she get it?  The damn thing was on the window ceil in the kitchen above the sink!  She didn't like that I took it from her but she handled it pretty well I gotta say.  I was worried about how things would be come bed time.  The older two wanted to sleep in the basement and so did Kara but I told her no, I think she was more unhappy about that then not having her binky!  She wimpered for a second after I told her she couldn't have her binky.  She sat with her daddy on the couch to watch tv (futurama if you need to know).  Within minutes she was asleep, with no binky!

Night Number 2 was successful!  She didn't wake up once all night (she must have been exhausted!) and she has yet to ask for her binky today.  I hope tonight goes just as well.  I'm so proud of how wonderful she is doing my only problem I am having is if I tell her how proud I am of how well she is doing she may end up asking for her binky and I just want to keep her mind off of it.  So you see my problem here?

Have an Oh So Wonderful Day!

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