Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Inappropriate toys for kids!

Okay so have any of you heard of this doll that has been selling over in Europe for 4 years now?  They plan on bringing the doll to the USA to sell.  No big deal right? Well the controversy behind the doll is that its called "The Breast Milk Baby"  there is a sensor in the the doll that if you bring it close to your shirt the doll will make motions and sucking noises just like a breast fed baby would.
Now I am all for breast feeding I even attempted to breast feed all four of my children (only to have a problem with each one *insert sad face here*) But personally I think having a doll that breast feeds or pretends to breast feed is just going over board as far as baby dolls go.  I can see your child pretends to breast feed a doll on thier own but I certainly do not see myself buying a doll that "breast feeds".  Really personally I think toy creators have gone to far with all that they are trying to get dolls to do.  Okay a baby that "eats" and "drinks", not to bad... even one that "pee's" isn't that aweful either but the baby doll that "pees" and "poops" I think is just ridiculous!   What ever happen to just letting kids use there imaginations for all this kind of stuff?  And for that matter I already have to clean up after my kids and pets I certainly don't want to have to clean up after a toy baby doll! 
Whats your opinions on this?  Do you think this doll is appropriate for children or have toy creators gone a bit to far?

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