Saturday, July 23, 2011


So I know you heard me complaining and moening the other day how I needed more space for crafts and other such things like that?  Well I thought that I would share with you the things reasons why I want my own space for crafting and the so many things that I have found on pinterest that I want to do in my own home (once we get one).  Oh and there are a few other neat things as well.  If you haven't checked out pinterest yet, you should!  Just prewarning though... Its addicting.  Also I have linked up each picture to pinterest so that you can go to the actual source of each pictures to find out how to do wome of them.  ENJOY!!!

Okay first something a little boring. But are you getting tired of spending a bunch of money on egg dye just for it to barely dye your eggs?  I know I am and I have not tried this but I sure will next easter.  Kool-Aid to dye your eggs, Genius!   (ps I have also heard of people using it as temporary hair dye but I have never tried that either so be careful!)

 How cute is this for decoration in your home or over your bed?  A window picture frame!  I love it!

This for me kinda goes with the above picture,  I am loving this home made stuff lately, I could totally go for making my own bed! Maybe it won't exactly look like this but I could totally see doing this!

These are nice, I love that they are personalized for the kids!  My kids have savings account and a box for spending money.  But I love that they have would have specialty jars!  (I just have no place to put them right now)

Now this is awesome!  Not long ago we put a bid on a house and I started getting excited about possibly getting a new house so I started shopping for things to furnish the house, I couldn't believe how expensive patio furniture was.  But then I seen this and thought wow we could do this at our house and it would be so much cheaper!  

And of course we would need a table to go with our new patio couch so of course we would have to do this!

I thought this was a great thing for the kids!  Pillow mats... I was thinking last night about this and all the neat things I could add to this.  (like zippers or buttons on the side so you can attach a blanket to it)  Oh and did I forget to mention that these are made out of old pillow cases!!

 This kinda goes with the above picture, on pinterest this is basically just a applique tuterial.  But I thought it would be great to also personalize the above pillow mats. My mind is racing with all the possibilities!

 Now tell me you can't look at this and think OMG this is so cute!!  I am totally going to do this for Carly for halloween this year!! I have already tried to find the tights and shirt to go with the costume so if you know of any where I can get these things PLEASE tell me! 

So as you can see pinterest has a lot of neat things on there, its not just about projects there are also beautiful pictures of things and other such stuff! (again addicting)  I just want to try so many of these things!  And I can't wait till I can,  I'm acutally growing impatient of waiting ;)

Have an Oh So Wonderful Day!

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